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AWS Re:invent Midnight Madness

· 3 min read
Jeremy Care

Midnight Madness is the kick-off party of the Re:invent convention. It started at 10:30pm. We really wanted to have a slot there, so we arrived one hour before to start the lane. When the door opened everyone was so excited! This place was huge, everyone could fit in! I don’t think it’s worth going 1 hour before.

Midnight Madness

DJ and Bars

The first things you see are those big screens and all the bars all around the place! The party started with a nice mix of a DJ (and a fresh beer of course!)



After everyone could get in the room, the music stopped and a big Fanfare crossed the entire place, that was cool!

Live Concert

I didn't know this artist but people were excited, I guess she’s famous!

Live Concert

If you know her name send me a message, so I can add it here ahah


We got the chance to see some BMX demonstration, they were good!


Air Guitar

This was the funniest thing on the party, the guy is the "Air Guitar World Champion", I didn't know that was even a thing, He was really great to bring happiness all over the place, very funny guy! He previously selected multiple people in the waiting line (before the event), to go on stage with him and play over multiple rock bands! Everyone played the game on stage and this was amazing!

Air Guitar

Chicken Wing Eating Contest

The chicken contest happens every year, they bring you to a big table, with big jug of water and beers, it's pretty much all you can eat chicken wing. It was hilarious to have those guys eating and fighting to win. They were zooming on people face, displayed on all the screens, I felt like being in a TV show, was so nice.

We got a winner for the Famous Chicken Wing Eating Contest, the brave guy looked so happy!

Chicken Win Eating Contest

Midnight Launch: Amazon IoT RoboRunner

At midnight, AWS started to present their new service AWS IoT RoboRunner. The speakers arrived with a group of robots, that was amazing to see. It's a new robotics service that makes it easier for enterprises to build and deploy applications that help fleets of robots work seamlessly together. It allows to have a single point of management for your fleets, and helps to reduce the friction of integrating multiple kind of robots togethers. Basically it's a robot fleets orchestrator.

It's the technology used in Amazon fulfillment center to manage their robots fleets. They just released the technology to the public. That what's good with AWS Services they use it internally first then when it's ready for the public they release it as a new AWS Service. I'm sure it's solid!



IoT RoboRunner

Personal feeling about the night

This kick-off was really fun, I really enjoyed the time there. Every 5 minutes there is a surprise, a show, a game you don't have time to breath. The Amazon IoT RoboRunner was crazy, to see those robots walking to the stage, followed by the speakers, such a nice moment. They managed to bring so much hype about it. I was so excited!

I can't wait to see what's going to happen during this week!