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AWS Re:invent Day Three

ยท 2 min read
Jeremy Care

Quick feedback from my third day at Re:invent 2021. I'll talk about the AWS builders projects from the Expo and the session about Best practices for advanced serverless developers.




No sessions for me this morning, I went to the Expo Hall instead, to check all the projects, a lot of startups that exchange your information with some goodies. I won't talk much about those startups, but more about the AWS Side projects. Those projects are here to show what you can build with AWS Services.

Accessible Fireside Chatโ€‹

This project is an extension you can add to your video call app for example, It will catch the audio and display it as text. It can ingest multiple languages at the same time. Could be great for communications between persons that doesn't share the same language

Accessible Fireside Chat

Connected Conveyor Beltโ€‹

This project leverages camera and image processing to trigger alarm based on the content, sadly their demo wasn't functional the camera got damaged during the flight... Connected Conveyor Belt

Read For Meโ€‹

This is my favourite project, it's an app that read for you, it can translate too. The SA that built this project could not see properly, it's very useful for him! Their demo was fully functional, they translated to french some a paragraph I gave them. The French was perfect, I was impressed.

Read For Me

Brewing Beer With AWSโ€‹

Here we have a fully automated brewery hosted on AWS, they link all their IOT devices and orchestrate them on the cloud.

Brewing Beer With AWS


AWS Lambda function performance tuningโ€‹

This session covered the usage of a tool to optimize lambda, it's a tool that take your lambda and benchmark it with different memory configuration and compare the cost / time of each executions. It gives you the most efficient or the most cost-effective configuration.

AWS Lambda function performance tuning


Our friends from Amplify Video asked us to help beta testing their workshop, so we spent the evening with them reading and doing their workshop to make sure everything was ready. That was cool!

AWS Amplify video workshop