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AWS Re:invent Day Four

· 2 min read
Jeremy Care

Quick feedback from my fourth day at Re:invent 2021. I'll mainly talk about the Amplify Video Workshop and Re:Play! ReInvent

Amplify Video Workshop

Since we helped the Amplify Video workshop the day before, they asked us to come to help them to run the workshop and be like Teaching Assistants to help to troubleshoot during the session. It reminds me of my time at Teaching Assistant at Epitech, that was super fun. The goal of the workshop is to build a streaming platform (like twitch) in 2 hours, using amplify-video to manage all the video manipulation, at the end of the workshop, attendees should have their streaming platform.

Between 130 et 150 people attended the session, the room was packed! I would say most attendees were able to finish the workshop and livestream from their phone. People were super excited when they were finally livestreaming their phone camera on the website.

We then went to lunch with the team to celebrate the success of the workshop.

Amplify Video Workshop


Re:Play is the big party of the event, a lot of games, food and drinks!

We were on the first shuttle to arrive at the party, we ran to get our SWAG (AWS goodies) before the place was packed. Then we went to play some dodge-ball, it was my first time and to be honest, I loved it, that was sooo fun! After that we went to the concert area to watch Zedd Playing his set. That was amazing, really amazing. At midnight, it was the closing time, we were still in the party mood, we took a uber to go to the old vegas. That was really cool too, way better than the Strip!

Re:Play flyer Replay Zedd